Multiplayer first-person shooter set in the 1910’s

A war never seen before in a game

A war never seen before in a game

The Mexican Revolution was the biggest and bloodiest civil war in Mexico. Set between 1910 and 1920, when traditional techniques like cavalry charges and melee combat clashed against new weapons like machineguns, repeating rifles and the airplane.


Historically accurate weapons

PVP Multiplayer Action

Maps based on real battlefields

Classic and competitive game modes

Customize your soldier and battle your friends in classic gamemodes like deathmatch, or capture the flag.

Or if you prefer a bigger challenge, defend and attack map objectives inspired in real life battle scenarios.

Made with Unreal Engine

Al Grito de Guerra is being developed with the Unreal Engine. Combined with historical research, it aims to balance  exciting gameplay and historical accuracy.

Coming soon for PC.

Made with Unreal Engine